How to Decorate for Veterans Day


While Veterans Day isn’t the type of holiday that people do a lot of decorating for, it is appropriate to use patriotic decorations to show support and honor for veterans. Veterans Day decorations can include American flags, red, white and blue streamers and patriotic banners.

Decorate with Flags on Veterans Day

It’s customary to display an American flag on Veterans Day. The flag can be displayed on a flag pole, both indoors or out. One can also decorate indoors with a display of small American flags as a centerpiece and hang an American flag on the wall behind a lecturn. 

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Use Streamers to Decorate for Veterans Day

Decorate a dining room for a special Veterans Day dinner by using red, white and blue streamers. Fasten the streamers to the upper corners of the room, bring the streamers to the center of the room and fasten the ends together. Hang a patriotic decoration from the center of the room to cover up the ends of the streamers.

Decorate Windows with Patriotic Banners

Hang red, white and blue banners from windows for a patriotic, Veterans Day decoration. Banners make an especially nice decoration when a Veterans Day parade passes by the home or office. 

Use American flags and red, white and blue decorations to create a festive and patriotic setting for a Veterans Day celebration.  

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