How to Properly Display an American Flag for Veterans Day

Many people like to display an American flag for Veterans Day to show support and respect for our country’s veterans. Occasionally, the flag is displayed incorrectly and there is a question about what is proper flag etiquette. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the Federal Flag Code provides some handling and display guidelines to take the guesswork out of displaying your American Flag.


Displaying the American Flag Outdoors

The flag should be displayed outdoors only from sunrise to sunset, unless a light is shining on the flag after dark. The flag should also not be subject to weather damage; therefore it should not be displayed in rain or snow storms. However, it is possible to get an all-weather flag that would not be damaged during inclement weather.

Most families displaying an American flag on Veterans Day don’t have a flag pole in their yard. Some use a staff that protrudes from the home. In this case, the flag should be displayed with the union (the blue section) of the flag closest to the peak of the staff. If there is no staff and the flag is to be displayed flat, it should be allowed to hang free so there are no wrinkles or folds. The union should be on the upper left side as a viewer looks at the flag. 

Displaying the American Flag Indoors

When displayed on a table with other flags, the U.S. flag should be in the center of the display and should be taller than the other flags. A flag may be hung on the wall behind a speaker. This flag should be hung flat against the wall with the union to the audience’s left. Indoor flags are also frequently displayed on a staff next to a speaker or at official events. 

No Veterans Day celebration is complete without a proper display of the U.S. flag. Remember that, in addition to the above guidelines, a flag should be hoisted and lowered briskly and not allowed to touch the ground.

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Barb Hacker is a mom to three boys and a freelance writer.